Former pupils

Queen's College was founded to provide women with the qualifications they needed to enter the professions. It is not surprising then that during the course of its history the College has produced a large number of successful, professional women. Former pupils are known as Old Queens. These are a few of the best known, with their dates at the College:

  • Imogen Lloyd Webber (1988-95) writer, broadcaster and political commentator
  • Vanessa Walters (1988-95) writer and film critic
  • Laura Tenison MBE (1982-84) businesswoman
  • Caroline Lee-Johnson (1980-82) actress
  • Amber Rudd (1979-81) MP and cabinet minister
  • Claudia Rosencrantz (1975-79) senior TV executive
  • Emma Freud (1973-80) broadcaster
  • Catherine Goodman (1972-79) painter and Artistic Director of The Prince's Drawing School
  • Tamara Ingram OBE (1972-79) advertising executive
  • Daisy Goodwin (1972-77) BBC television producer and presenter
  • Sarah Anderson CBE (1966-73) businesswoman
  • Emma Soames (1965-6) journalist and magazine editor
  • Professor Griselda Pollock (1964-66) art historian and cultural analyst
  • Harriet Cass (1962-70) broadcaster
  • Dame Hermione Lee DBE (1963-65) biographer, academic and President of Wolfson College, Oxford
  • Margaret Elphinstone (1960-67) novelist
  • Deborah Moggach (1959-62) novelist and script-writer
  • Jacqueline du Pré (1959) cellist
  • Barbara Thompson MBE (1955-62) jazz saxophonist and composer
  • Dame Rosalinde Hurley DBE (1948-50) microbiologist, barrister and Chairman of the Medicines Commission
  • Professor Albinia de la Mare OBE (1947-56) palaeographer and librarian
  • Joyce Rose CBE (1946-50) former Chairman, Magistrates' Association
  • Gillian Sheen (1945-47) Britain's first Olympic gold medallist in fencing
  • Professor Jane Somerville (1944-50) consultant cardiologist, Chairman of Queen's College Council (2000-06)
  • Lady Soames LG DBE (1940) daughter of Sir Winston Churchill, writer, former Chairman of the Royal National Theatre Board, mother of Emma Soames (above)
  • Dame Simone Prendergast DBE (1939-40) lawyer and public servant
  • Dame Elizabeth Chesterton DBE (1932) architect
  • Diana Barnato Walker MBE FRAeS (1928-34) aviator
  • Dame Alison Munro DBE (1924-25) High Mistress of St Paul's Girls' School
  • Katherine Mansfield (1903-06) author
  • Eleanor Davies-Colley FRCS (1891-94) co-founder of the South London Hospital for Women and Children
  • Gertrude Bell (1884-86) diplomat, archaeologist and writer
  • Beatrice Harradan (?1878-80) writer, campaigner for women's suffrage
  • Frances Dove (1860-62) founder of Wycombe Abbey School
  • Sophia Jex-Blake (1858-61) co-founder of the London School of Medicine
  • Matilda Bishop (1858-60) headmistress of Oxford High School and first principal of Royal Holloway College
  • Dorothea Beale (1848-55) founder of Cheltenham Ladies' College and St Hilda's College, Oxford
  • Frances Mary Buss (1848) founder of North London Collegiate School

former pupils

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