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At Queen's, we are passionate about creating a community of life-long learners who will inspire the world.

During their time at the College, we ensure that pupils make good use of our extensive Academic Enrichment programme, which provides them with a very wide range of learning opportunities. All teachers work hard to provide engaging enrichment in and out of the classroom, allowing pupils to nurture their curiosity and grow academic independence across all subjects.


Scholars follow an intensive but invigorating study programme at Queen’s College. The aim is for pupils to not only further their own learning and creativity but to instil and support scholarly behaviour in all pupils across the College.

All teachers at Queen’s College are passionate about pupils’ learning beyond the classroom. They have worked hard to provide many enrichment opportunities in their subjects.

Please read the brochure here for more information about the Scholars programme.


Pupils enjoy the many opportunities to expand and enhance their learning at Queen’s College. Click here to see the many clubs and societies on offer.


Queen’s College, London is a proud member of the Southwark Schools Learning Partnership (SSLP). We work closely with 16 other schools in the partnership (both state schools and independent ones) , providing enrichment opportunities for all pupils and further support for teachers. Pupil activities have included various cross-partnership competitions, including students from all 16 schools, as well as the highly popular ‘Thinking About’ lecture series hosted by various leading expert speakers from across the country.


Queen’s hosts an annual Academic Festival at the end of the Summer term. This day offers many different workshops, activities and seminars to promote further learning around a specific theme and pupils are taken off their normal timetabled lessons for the day. Previous Academic Festivals themes have included Japan, Space and Fashion!