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Neurodiversity and Adapted Learning

Queen’s places great importance on the development of each individual pupil. Neurodiversity is seen as a strength, with neuro-diverse students excelling across the curriculum. Our current cohort includes a number of students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, as well as a small number of students with Autism Spectrum Condition. These students consistently achieve outstanding results and go on to the very best universities. Teachers are experienced and creative in the many ways that they support these students, enabling them to thrive. They work closely with our Director of Neurodiversity & Adapted Learning ), parents and other professionals to ensure all pupils are both supported and challenged. There are a range of learning support programmes on offer, including individual support with specialist teachers and our Neurodiversity & Adapted Learning department. To view our SEND and EAL policy, please visit the policies page. 

“I’m so proud of everything that our neurodiverse pupils at Queen’s achieve every day!  They also go on to top universities to study such a wide range of subjects – for instance, one recent former student with dyslexia is now studying Languages at Oxford University – and then embark on successful and varied careers. They certainly aren’t held back by their neurodiversity but instead learn to celebrate it as a strength.” - Ms Caroline Curtis, Director of Neurodiversity & Adapted Learning