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Why study Art?

The course offered at A-level at Queen’s is intended to be exciting, lively and creative. The department adopts a dynamic approach to all aspects of Art and Design study, which could include drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, fashion, construction and photography.

Candidates will be entered for the general Art and Design qualification which will allow them to work to their own particular strengths. The course is rigorous, challenging and exciting. Teaching is focused on the individual and will include Life Drawing classes, trips and talks and workshops by practising artists. The course offers every student the opportunity to unlock their creative potential.

If you enjoy developing your own ideas and have a creative outlook then Art and Design could be a stimulating and exciting choice for your A-level studies.

What will I study? How will I be assessed?

The examination course followed is the Edexcel Advanced GCE in Art and Design. Over the course of the two years, there will be a detailed personal investigation unit, followed by a significant timed examination at the end of the second year.

What skills will I gain? Where can Art lead?

A creative outlook is a prerequisite for many careers and there are a great many areas of specialisation within the field of Art and Design for future study such as:

Architecture Animation
Applied and Decorative Arts Design, Branding and Marketing
Design Culture Digital 3-D Design
Fashion Design Fashion Promotions
Film and Video Production Fine Art    
Furniture Design Graphic Design    
Illustration Interior Design
Interior Design Product Design
Photography     Printmaking