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Our Approach

Our approach to teaching and learning is grounded in educational theory and designed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for knowledge. We believe that a strong partnership between school and parents is essential for a child's holistic development. Here's a glimpse into our approach and ways you can support your child's educational journey at home.


Educational Theory in Action

Educational theory helps explain what works in the classroom and why. An important part of our work is to help staff make sense of current academic thinking and share strategies which allow this to be put into practice. This is done through a termly focus on a specific aspect of teaching and learning (our Teaching & Learning Themes) which includes weekly staff training, sharing of resources and good practice and discussions with pupils how learning strategies and expectations.

Our T&L Themes cover lots of different ideas in educational theory that are central to our thinking at Queen's:

  • Pupil-Centred Learning
  • Inclusive Instruction
  • Incorporating Education Technology

Working Together

Another aspect leading to pupil success come from the relationship between the College and parents. There are various ways that parents can help supporting learning at home, leading to the development of flourishing children. For example:

  • Encourage Reading
  • Homework Routine
  • Communcation
  • Curiosity and Exploration
  • Balanced Lifestyle

T&L Talk

QCL T&L Talk, a podcast hosted by Dr Paul Davies and Mr Stephen Bailey, provides an opportunity for discussion about our work at the College in an accessible way which we hope is interesting for parents. Over time, podcasts will appear here, including discussions from staff, pupils, special guests and parents.