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Teaching & Learning

At Queen's, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment that empowers children to thrive. This section of the website has been curated by Mr Stephen Bailey (Deputy Head Academic) and Dr Paul Davies (Assistant Head Teaching and Learning). 

Our Approach

Our approach to teaching and learning is grounded in educational theory and designed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for knowledge. Learn more.

Resilient Ready 

Our commitment to resilience aligns with the broader concept of character education, where we strive to cultivate not only academic excellence but also the personal qualities that shape responsible, compassionate, and resilient individuals ready to thrive in an ever-changing world.  Learn more.

'Back to School' Sessions

A series of termly workshops designed to give parents a better understanding of their daughter’s experiences at the College. Learn more.

Talking T&L 

Talking T&L, hosted by Dr Paul Davies and Mr Stephen Bailey, provides an opportunity for discussion about our work at the College in an accessible way which we hope is interesting for parents. Over time, podcasts will appear here, including discussions from staff, pupils, special guests and parents.